Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Graduation to the chicken coop

My chickens are finally outside, and growing at a fast rate.
One thing I find amazing is the discrepancy of size when it comes to the roosters I bought.
They are HUGE. I don't have access to my camera at the time of this posting, so I'll post the pics later.
They are at least twice the size of my hens, and still growing.
I'm guessing that they have been genetically modified to be this way..... Well... It surely worked.
There have been scuffles between the two roosters I bought and the bantam Rooster we have from last year (he just wandered onto our farm, and we have no idea where he came from). He seems to want to establish dominance over the birds from this batch. I guess everything will work itself out.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


I recently purchased 9 baby chicks from my local farm store.
I bought 5 Araucana hens, 1 Barred Rock hen, 1 Buff Opington hen, and 2 Cornish roosters.
They ate a granular food that came in 50LB bags until I was able to adjust them to layer feed.


With the economy the shape it is in, we constantly find people venturing into seemingly profitable fields without much knowledge to begin with. This blog will follow me, a Network Administration student through his care of livestock in a rural and nearly unpopulated area.

Topics to be explained are my two horses, and my chickens.